The Shop

My shop is a collection of little moments for happy walls. It was made to inspire, decorate and add some color to your special space.

It started as a ‘Flowers for You’ Instagram post and slowly grew into a vibrant collection of colorful paintings. It was born out of a true passion. A search for a ray of light during uncertain times.

I’m happy to share with you some of my latest work, made with love and hope.


In my work, I enjoy exploring the relationship between texture and surface; the translation of light and color into a newer, more contemporary forms. Celebrating the beauty of imperfection.

My work is inspired by the endless beauty of nature. Its unique colors and shapes inspire me to develop my own interpretation and create a new, intuitive surface of rich textures, details and rhythms.

I mainly work in soft oil pastels, wax pastels and colored pencils, but I also enjoy exploring in ink and gouache as well as mixing different media.



My name is Lital. I’m a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY.
Originally from Tel Aviv (where I spent most of my days drawing in the sun), I moved to the US in 2011 to begin my creative journey after taking a job opportunity with Free People.

Growing up in Israel made me aware of different traditions and cultures; a patchwork all knitted together, creating layers of a new tactile surface of colors and textures. This eclectic experience inspired me as a young designer and continues to inspire me to this day.