I invite you to...

Connect with your inner artist 

Discover your creative side and connect with your inner artist. No prior experience needed and all levels are welcome!

Learn how to develop foundational techniques

Allow yourslef to take a break, explore and express Intuitively with colors  

Enjoy each other's company

From the comfort of your own space

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How did it all start?

My virtual sessions originally grew from the need to create and share inspiration and artistry with others during the beginning of the pandemic.

My first virtual session was held in February 2020. I had four painters join me for a two-hour session. We listened to music, had a glass of wine and painted a colorful bouquet together. The experience was overwhelmingly positive.

The tradition continued and I found myself hosting sessions for groups of 50+ painters from all over the world, collaborating with companies, hosting live IG sessions once a week and sharing my knowledge and experience with whomever wanted to go on the journey.

What is a painting session?

A painting session is your opportunity to take a break from routine, experiment in color and socialize with your co-workers/friends from the comfort of your home. In these virtual, live painting sessions, I invite people to connect with their artistic, creative sides,  explore with colors and learn something new. Most importantly, the creative process becomes something accessible that everyone can enjoy!

Do I need to have painting experience?

No prior experience is needed and all levels are welcome!

What materials do you use?

That depends on the aesthetic nature of the session and the theme that we've chosen. For some sessions, I use acrylics and gouache and for other ones, I use dry media, such as colored pencils or pastels. I encourage painters to use whatever techniques they feel most comfortable with.



I'd like to treat my co-workers/employees with a virtual painting session. How does it work?

Easy! After you reach out to me for an intial consultation, we will choose a theme and painting technique for the session. We'll go over the details and set up a time. You can then invite your employees to be  registered for the event. 

Once I have a roster of attendees for the session, I will buy and ship painting supplies to everybody (so they don't have to do anything except to show up to the session!)

The reference material will be sent to everyone in advance of the session. 

How can I stay connected and get information for future sessions?

You can subscribe to my newsletter and/or follow me on Instagram. Once you subscribe, you will get an email from me before each session with a link to register.

Sessions will take place twice a month, every other Saturday, from noon to 2PM EST.

How are the sessions structured?

The session duration is 2 hours. We will start with a short introduction to the technique and then do a quick warm-up. Then, we will paint! I will guide the painters, step by step, from conception through to completion. I will show how to mix colors, how to use and hold the brush and how to work and express freely in color. 

Do you have a package of multiple sessions?

Yes! You can choose to join a one-time session or to purchase a package of multiple sessions!

What medium do you use for the sessions?

It depends on the aesthetic nature of the session and the theme that we have chosen. For some sessions, I use acrilycs and Gouache while for other sessions, I use colored pencils and pastels. I encourage painters to use any other techniques that they feel most comfortable with or would like to explore.

What is your art style for the sessions?

The biggest goal of these sessions is to connect to the creative side that I believe we all have and to have fun with it. My sessions encourage a deep sense of observation but a light and expressive use of colors. Intuitive painting is free, fun and colorful. I believe it's ok to paint outside the lines from time to time.